Kitchen Installations in Enfield | Space Maximisation Ideas

At Colin Lynch Builders we understand the challenges a small or cluttered kitchen can pose. This is why we make space maximisation a priority during our custom kitchen installations, which are available in Enfield. By carefully designing and planning what will be fitted and installed in the space, we can transform the area into a room fit for preparing food, dining and socialising.

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Keep reading for tips on the best ways to maximise usable space in your kitchen:

Going Slimline

Narrow shelves and cupboards will help to utilise complex spaces. They’re ideal for fitting into corners or on short walls and can store everything from food to pots and pans. Consider adding carousel shelves to easily access the contents of your cupboards and we can even fit additions like plinth draws so you can use otherwise wasted spaces.

Integrating Appliances

Integrated accessories and appliances are a perfect solution to save space in your kitchen. For example part of your worktop can include an integrated chopping board so it’s easy to access and you have one less accessory to store. Appliances can also be integrated, for example microwaves can be built-in to empty cupboards, which will help to maintain an uncluttered look on the more visible countertops. 

At Colin Lynch Builders we serve the Enfield area, delivering a range of kitchen installations to suit all styles and maximise every inch of space. Keep reading for more space creation ideas...

Wise Additions

While it’s always best not to overcrowd a smaller room, we do recommend some carefully placed additions that will save more space than they use. Baskets are a great option for storing the likes of vegetables and bread, they can easily be tidied away into a cupboard or left on the worktop for decorative purposes. Wicker baskets will help create a rustic aesthetic, while baskets that add a pop of colour are a great addition to modern neutral kitchens.

Hooks and magnetic strips are another wise storage solution. They are attached to the walls or cupboards so they don’t waste any counter space and can be used to hang anything utensils to pots and pans.

Interior Décor

While there’s a lot you can do with appliances, accessories and storage to enhance your kitchen space, the colours and finishes used for the interior décor can go a long way too, opening-up the room and creating an airier feel. Going handless creates a sleek finish and opting for light, glossy colours will reflect natural light around the room, making the space feel larger. 

When the Colin Lynch Builders team carries out our bespoke kitchen installations in Enfield we focus on implementing space maximising solutions that help us create a room fit for the multi-functional purposes of a modern kitchen.

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