House Refurbishments in Enfield Experienced Builders Updating Homes In and Around North London

There are many advantages to refurbishing your property in Enfield or any of the surrounding areas in North London. House refurbishments are a great way to transform your home into a space that you love and meet your updated needs and personal taste. Refurbishments are also less costly and time-consuming than full renovations. At Colin Lynch Builders, our team have over 38 years of experience refurbishing all types of properties to create spacious and attractive homes.

We provide all trades in-house to ensure seamless and speedy refurbishment, as our gallery examples show. All our services, including new kitchen installations, house extensions and loft conversions, are competitively priced so we can suit all budgets.

Sometimes, all that is needed to turn a house into a home is a great refurbishment completed by our professionals. Time can go by quickly and you may realise you never made the changes you wanted or your house may feel dilapidated and old fashioned. Our experienced team are accomplished at transforming all types of properties into updated and modernised spaces you can enjoy spending time in and feel proud of.

  • Interior Alterations

  • Property Upgrades

  • Tiling and Plastering

  • Painting and Decorating

  • Building Repairs

  • Roofing Repairs

  • New Windows and Doors

  • Kitchen Installations

  • New Bathroom Suites

  • New Flooring

  • Updated Carpentry

Alterations and Updates

Our team at Colin Lynch Builders completes all building work necessary to improve your build in Enfield or North London. We undertake all carpentry, plumbing and electrical work, including full rewires. As part of our quality house refurbishments we can update your space to meet your needs by fitting new kitchens, bathrooms, windows and doors. To create your dream aesthetic, we manage the tiling, plastering and decorating for homes. We can also undertake any required brickwork and roofing work to ensure your home is functioning optimally.

Our builders are talented at repositioning walls to create larger, more spacious rooms in your property. If you don’t want entirely new installations, we can update rooms instead. The rooms we can modernise include bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens and lounges.

We can discuss any alterations you desire so we can make the best use of your space and transform a tired house into a welcoming family home.

The work our experts undertake can increase the value of your home and make it more attractive to prospective buyers if you decide to sell it in the future. We only use the highest quality materials for refurbishments and, for your peace of mind, we always uphold the manufacturer warranty on materials used.

The team at Colin Lynch Builders can advise you on all aspects of the quality house refurbishments we undertake in and around Enfield. We can also discuss which of our attractive kitchen installations can be fitted to complete your home. If you want to update and expand more space in your home, our team also completes spacious and visually stunning house extensions.

Call Colin Lynch Builders on 01992 717370 to speak with one of our builders about the quality house refurbishments we complete in Enfield or any other North London locations.