House Extensions in Enfield | The Benefits

Do you need extra space in your home? Perhaps an additional bedroom or an open-plan kitchen extension? House extensions are the perfect way to increase your living space without having to relocate. Our team can complete the project with the installation of one of our bespoke kitchens, and we’ll oversee all aspects from start to finish. 

The Colin Lynch Builders team also undertakes loft conversions in Enfield and you can check out our kitchen installations blog and house refurbishments blog for more advice and tips.

There are many advantages to investing in a house extension, below we will discuss some of the most popular ones.

Save Time And Money

Searching for a new place to live, especially when you love the area you are currently in, can take up a lot of your valuable personal time with research and calls to estate agents. Plus you’ll need to sell your own home, which can be a stressful lengthy process. It hardly seems worth it for the sake of an additional room or two. Luckily, our builders offer a range of house extensions that will give you the extra space you need to stay put.

Extending your current home is more cost-effective than moving, can often be quicker, and means you get to stay where you are.

Tailored To Your Needs

Part of what makes purchasing a new home stressful is finding one that suits your needs. Everyone wants to live in the house of their dreams, but in reality building from scratch is the only way to achieve this. However, property extensions go a long way to tailoring your home. Additional room(s) will be built in line with your designs and can be customised to accommodate specific requirements.

You can have the master suite you’ve always dreamed of without having to design an entire house. 

If you’re based in Enfield, and searching for a professional team that carries out quality house extensions, Colin Lynch Builders is the name to remember.

Increase Property Value

All well-designed house improvements add value to your home. Should you sell up post-upgrade you will often get more than you paid for the property. Extensions are one of the best ways increase your property’s market worthiness and drive-up the sale price. The addition of more square footage alone will increase the value, but with custom finishing touches that enhance aesthetic appeal, the value increases more drastically.

Enhanced Living Experience

If you want to create a stylish home with a cohesive flow, Colin Lynch Builders’ property extensions are the ideal choice. We’ll add square footage and aesthetic appeal, leaving you with a home that functions better for your lifestyle. Whether you’re seeking an extra bedroom, bathroom, home gym or children’s playroom, our team is ready to expand and improve your living space.

These are just some of the benefits house extensions provide. So if you need more space in your Enfield home, consider extending your property to gain additional space with a cost-effective, stress-free solution.

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